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Event supplies


Barrier tape

Can not be missed at your event: 1640 feet of barrier tape with the opportunity to print you logo on it.

Various vests

Perfect to dress the volunteers safely. Available in multiple colours.

Finish shirts

Unique finish shirts to show that you participated at the event.


Special sport medals which differentiate itself from the competition.

Wrist straps

Multiple promotional wrist straps which will fit to your organization.

Insulation blankets

For the desired safety of your participants at every event.


We can provide you with starting bows, ribbons, beach flags, banners and inflatable bows.


Essential at every event, but will often be overlooked.


An appropriate promotion item which will be seen by every sporter.

Racing numbers

In multiple kinds and sizes the perfect addition at your event.


To get the best feeling in the team, we can provide you with a complete collection for your team.

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