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Personalize your (sport)clothing with an unique print. Take your advantage on all of our printing experience.

With our modern printing equipments, we are able to print every piece of your clothing. We are capable to use six different printing methods, and with these methods we can provide you with the best and most economic solutions. Our short delivery time, high quality and our extensive experience makes us a suited partner for all the existing sport clothing shops.

We can provide printed shirts, polo’s, jacks, caps, sweaters, and trousers. Besides our six printing methods, we can stick your items with one of most advanced embroidery machine .

Screen printing

With screen printing we make use of frame with the design of your printing. The paint will be smeared out securely over the frame, which is shaped to your design. In the drying tunnel will the paint get dry, and will you be able to wear it directly. Screen printing is particularly suitable for big amounts of printing with a few colors.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is unique, this because the breathing function of polyester cloth of your shirt will be 100% working after the printing. The ink will be gasified under high pressure and high temperatures. While this process is lasting, the ink will attach to the fiber. Sublimation printing is suitable for white materials and is the best solution for complex logo’s with gradients.

Flex printing

With smaller amounts of complete personalization’s like racing numbers and names, we like to use flex printing. The designs will be precisely cut and attached to the clothing, which gives a smooth result. If you want a full colour printing on a dark shirt, we can also do this by flex printing it in our modern printing park.

Flock printing

A small difference between flex printing and flock printing is the foil. With flex printing is the foil smooth, but with flock printing the foil has a velvet structure look.

Transfer printing

If you don’t want to print all your products at the same time, we want to advice you the transfer printing technique. All the transfers will be produced at the same time, which provides you just once with the startup costs. The transfers can get attached to your product with our modern heat press.


Besides our varied printing methods, we are able to provide your items with embroidery. This will give your items an exclusive look which is is extremely suited for polo’s, caps and jackets.

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