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Shirt productie


Personal design

Are you looking for a sportshirt which fits perfectly with your company? At GATO International we can create matching shirts which meets your exceptions. Do we need to apply your design or develop a new one, that’s up to you! After several design iterations, print visuals and samples, we are able to produce a high amount of shirts in several time periods. The possibilities are endless and if you want more information about producing your own shirts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Neck label

It is possible to get your own neck label with the details you like. Our model contains
• A logo
• Product size
• Textile kind
• Country of production


The polybag of the shirt can be personalized as well. Do you want a logo, a sticker with product details or one of your own ideas? It’s all possible!

Washing label

The washing label can also be customized to your preferences. Besides the needed icons for a washing prescription, it is possible to get a logo or information details on the label. In this way, your shirt is even more personalized.

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