Personalise your (sports) clothing with a unique print. Make use of all our experience in the field of printing.

With the help of modern equipment we are able to print your (sports) clothing. Because we use as many as six different printing techniques, we always have the best and most economical solution available for your item. Our short delivery time, high quality and extensive experience in sportswear, makes us and a suitable partner for Dutch sports stores to internationally operating sports brands.

We can print your shirts, polos, jackets, caps, sweaters, trousers, among other things. In addition to our six printing techniques, we can also provide your items with embroidery using a modern machine park.


Screen printing uses a window with the motif of your print. The ink is ironed over the window and forms your print on the garment. In the drying tunnel the ink is dried after which it is ready to be worn by you. Screen printing is ideal for larger numbers and prints with few colours.

Sublimation print

The sublimation pressure is unique because the breathable function of the polyester material of your shirt remains 100% effective. The ink is gassed under pressure at a high temperature, after which it adheres to the fibre. Sublimation printing is actually only suitable for white materials and is the best solution for complex logos with, for example, colour gradient.

Flex print

For smaller numbers or full personalisation, such as back numbers and names, we use the flex technique. The logo is cut and glued to the shirt, which gives a very nice and smooth result. If you want full color printing on a dark shirt, we can also print it on flex with one of the printers and cutters from our modern machine park.

Flock print

Unlike flex, where the foil is smooth, the flock foil has a velvet-like structure. This structure gives your clothes a chic look.

Transfer pressure

If you don’t want to print all your products at once, transfers are the ideal solution. All transfers are produced together, so you only pay start-up costs once. The transfers can be applied to your items by our modern heat presses.


In addition to the various printing techniques, we can also provide your items with embroidery. It gives an exclusive look and is ideal for polos, caps and coats for example.

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